Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fruit Ninja: Cub Scout Pumpkin Edition

Cub Scouts, Pumpkins, Rubber Bands, and a little imagination....

For a 10 year old, it could be epic ;-)

Every year I have to come up with a carnival game for our October Cub Scout pack meeting.

We were well down the path towards some sort of "sling the TNT box into the Creeper" type of game when one of the other dads spotted Jimmy Fallon rip a pumpkin in half with rubberbands........   Hmmmmm......

So we started thinking if there was a way to morph this into a game that the boys could enjoy, and contribute to creating.

Pumpkin Ninja was born.  I had the boys each paint a pumpkin as they chose (their part) to be laid out for other scouts to wrap rubber bands around.  The scouts could put rubber bands on their favorite pumpkin, thus (sort of) voting so that the favorite would split first.

Needless to say, the prospect of seeing pumpkins sliced in half was a big hit.

Although rather than a 'band at a time' voting process.  We seemed to have some very dedicated 'ninjas' that were determined to see certain pumpkins sliced in half as quickly as possible.

Fortunately we had enough pumpkins to last us throughout the night.

Dead pumpkins lined up ;)

The last pumpkin seemed to be the victim of a gang attack.  It had no chance.

So violent.... and fun ;-)

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