Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Minecraft Birthday Party v1.0

Given the fact the my, at the time, soon to be 10 year old son's every other word was about Minecraft; it only made sense that we would find ourselves planning a Minecraft themed birthday party.  Besides coming to me occasionally to be certain of the name of an item, creature, etc., my wife planned pretty much everything herself.  Based on the feedback from the kids that attended, I'd say she did a pretty good job.

If you've been in a coma (or just don't have gaming age kids) and don't already know what Minecraft is, I put together a short piece on it a while back.

From my wife's standpoint the first thing to conquer was food.  Between Pinterest and her own ideas, she came up with some pretty good real world examples of various in-game food items.

 Slime cubes provided a perfect basis for lime sherbet punch.

The game has cookies.  However my wife added the mint icing and creeper faces.. very nice.

It took a creative genius like me to come up with using apples to mimic the .... well, the apples in the game.

And of course, there had to be a cake.  Little squares of fruit roll-up were perfect for looking like the blocky square red pixels on the in-game cake.

Next on mom's list was decorations.

What else would make sense but spiders and creepers?!  She put together very simple spiders with a black balloon and black streamers for legs.  This made it very easy to place them anywhere.  Giving them a very real look nestled in the corners of the ceiling.

Our creeper was just a few various sized boxes covered in green paper, and a face made from cut out squares of black paper.  Our creeper stayed with us for many months, greeting people coming to our home from mid summer through Halloween.  Yep, we're 'those people'.

A couple of very Minecraft looking trees, made from sheets of construction paper, would serve as decorations as well as part of the games later.

Steve was hanging out, making sure everything was ready, and waiting for his guests to arrive.

As party favors we printed out giant sections of Steve's head from a blog post I found, and taped them onto boxes that the kids could wear as masks.  We decided that eye holes would just kill that 'far-off look' that the Minecraft characters have thanks to their giant square eyes.  An obvious safety hazard, but look was worth it.  Some green bags with printed out creeper faces made for great treat bags to hold the 'treasures' from the games.

The boys posed with their Steve heads and our Creeper when they arrived.

We tried to mimic the in-game experience. So we turned our kitchen table into a crafting table.  Then the boys had to start out with nothing, and first "go gather wood from the trees". 

After retrieving a section of wood from the tree, they were given a few more resources to turn that wood into   a pickaxe.

Armed with their pickaxes, they set off to mine for coal.

Returning back to the 'crafting table', they could turn in their coal for 'torches'.  

With their torches in hand, they set off around the house looking for emeralds and treasure chests.  Each chest held some treasure, and clues leading them to other chests.

Emeralds collected along the way could be turned in to buy food later from the 'NPC village'.

Smiling 10 year old.... successful party.


  1. Can you share the clues that you used? I know nothing about Minecraft but am trying to make an awesome party for my 8 year old. He would love a scavenger hunt.

    1. Hi. I double checked with me wife, and the clues she used were really just about the places and items around our house. Stuff like "Daddy spends a lot of time here...". The locations the clues sent them to had an 'emerald' for each kid.

      They then turned in the emeralds for the next clue.

      The final treasure was green M&Ms for emeralds they could eat, and chocolate 'gold' bars. I'd take a look at the Minecraft wiki site:
      and poke around, see if anything sparks your imagination.

    2. ... for example, the two clues in the picture in the post above are leading them to the spice rack, and the fireplace.

  2. Fab party...we are doing similar tomorrow! Hope it turns out half as good as yours!

    1. Thanks and good luck! I'm sure it will be a hit.

      I've found that given the excitement around Minecraft, I could probably put it on a box of broccoli and the kids would enjoy that too!

  3. My soon-to-be 8 yr old has been playing for two years...and every other word is STILL about Minecraft lol. Thanks for the party ideas!

  4. I'm planning a party for my 8yr old in 3wks. Thanks for the great ideas.

  5. Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. The pic-ax project is cute! How many did you make & how much cardboard did you need?
    Am guessing that you used black electrical or duct tape for the handle.

    1. We made one pic axe cut out for each kid. I think we had 6 or so. I think the template we used was from a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper, so the cardboard only needed to be that big. And yes, the handles were electrical tape. I imagine you could use black construction paper or similar as well.

  7. I know this party was a while ago, but do you recall where you got the green wrapping paper used for the large creeper?

    1. from my wife:
      "Tell her it is green bulletin board paper- it was from a school. If she doesn't have access to a school. Tell her to try a teacher school supplies place like lake shore learning??"