Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Mouse... She Is Dead!

Well, not that particular mouse, but my gaming mouse.  I made the switch to gaming mice some time ago, and I'm not completely certain they hold up to their claims.

I'd been using a Logitech G500 for quite some time.  It seemed to be serving me well, until recently when the left mouse button seemed to be flaky.  This results in having items you are dragging on screen dropping in random places.... usually the wrong one.  Or the PC seeing a double click when you only single clicked.  Had I really been that hard on the buttons?  The specifications rate the left/right buttons to be able to handle 8 Million clicks.  Is it a coincidence that Diablo III came out a few months ago?  In addition, my Warcraft playing likely blazes through a few hundred clicks per night at least.

Unfortunately the design of the G500 leaves no way to get into it.  I couldn't find a way to get in there to clean the contacts on the switches without destroying it.  So I reluctantly headed to Fry's to see what the options were.

I'm not to keen on paying more than $40 for a mouse, even if it's a 'gaming mouse'.  Fortunately there was a decent sale price on the Corsair Vengeance M60.  So I figured I'd give it a try.

It's around the same size as the G500, but not as bulbous.  This serves me well, as I tend to hold the mouse with my fingers, as opposed to letting my hand rest across the top of it.

It has the usual gaming mouse features, like being able to adjust the sensitivity on the fly from buttons on the mouse.  It only has two additional buttons on the side for page forward/back navigation, or whatever you'd like to program them to do.  This was fine with me, since clicking all those extra buttons isn't an easy action given the way I hold the mouse.  It does have this one extra button that I do like.  The big red button with cross hairs on it performs a momentary shift of mouse sensitivity to allow fine resolution targeting.  The sensitivity returns to normal as soon as the button is released.  Perfect for my Battlefield 3 nights.

The bottom of the mouse has adjustable weights to balance the mouse if you so choose.  It feels really good in your hand.  With a weighty solid metal body, it doesn't slide around on it's own.  The rubberized surface gives just enough tactile feel and it's buttons are also rated at 8 million clicks each.  The braided cable jacket is always a nice touch.  So far, I'm quite happy with it.

The true question is will it survive finishing out the Diablo storyline and the launch of a new Warcraft expansion......

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