Friday, July 6, 2012

When a paper jam isn't a paper jam...

As is standard with most technology, when you need it the most, it fails.

My wife was frantically trying to print out some bowling coupons to rush out the door and meet a friend for some free bowling for the kids.  This was obviously a good time for a printer failure.  Rather unexpected for a Canon MX410 printer that's only about 4 months old.

"a printer error has occured"
"Error 6000"

Good name for a movie.... not a good name for a printer error.

Did we learn nothing from "PC LOAD LETTER" ?  Why is it so difficult to offer people messages that mean something.  With today's printers that can launch applications on the PC they're connected to, would it be too much to ask if the printer could launch a program explaining what Error 6000 is, and how to fix it?!

I did the standard set of cycling power, leaving unplugged for 10 min, pulling the paper out of the feeder, checking everything.... with no luck.

Off to the interwebs to Google "Canon MX410 error 6000".  It's a bad sign when the first 3 pages of results are people asking what error 6000 means.

Eventually I found this post, which didn't tell me how to fix it, but did have a lot of people finding items jammed in the paper feeds.  But I had pulled all the paper out, and there was none being printed... right?

Went back to the printer for another look, deep down in the paper feed.  Sigh.....

In case you were wondering... a Nerf dart is just spongy enough to be snagged by the paper feed gears, but firm enough to jam them.

Yes I do have 3 boys .... why do you ask..... :)

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