Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So you washed your iPod....

So, I didn't dunk my phone, but instead it was my iPod shuffle.  Not as traumatic, but sad none the less.

I had just returned from a run, and specifically remembered to pull my iPod out of my running belt since I often soak it under water to get the stink out of it.  I of course proceeded to clip it to the bottom of my running shorts..... and apparently immediately completely forgot about it.  Went inside, and tossed my clothes into the washer, and started it.

After a shower, I returned to the washer since it was finished, pulled my clothes out, and saw this.

Of course, the next thought was "who put my iPod in the washing machine?!"

Having talked many friends through cell phones in toilets, puddles, etc.  I knew the drill well.

  1. Never turn the device on.  I have a friend who, after dumping a bottle of water on his laptop keyboard, felt it necessary to burn as much data onto CD as possible..... this didn't end well.
  2. Place the device completely within dry uncooked rice.  This will greatly help in pulling the moisture out of the device.
  3. Leave it in a low humidity environment indoors for around 2 days.  Maybe more depending on how intricate of a device it is.

Luckily I had turned it off before clipping it to my shorts.

So it wasn't on when it got dunked..... autosoaked.... stain treated..... 2nd rinsed........or spun dry.

My wife calls me a pack rat.  I like to think of myself as prepared.  I've been saving silica gel packs from electronics for sometime.  Well knowing that I, or more likely the kids, would dunk something eventually.  To be certain I put the iPod, the silica packs, and filled the remainder of the space with dry rice into a coffee mug.  Next step, wait 2 days.

I pulled it out this afternoon and tried to turn it on.... initially there was no response.  I thought that maybe being submerged discharged the battery.  So I threw it on the charger and

WooHoo!  Shows up in iTunes.  Lets me load music on / off of it.  And it sounds just fine.


  1. Man that just sounds like oversite for an excuse to get a new iPod nano.

  2. You know I thought exactly that. Then it fired up. These flash devices are actually pretty durable. I....er... someone washed a USB stick of mine before; the casing all fell apart.. but the sticks circuit board with the USB plug still works fine.