Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sooner or Later: Boys = Broken Stuff

The culprit..... well, the weapon anyway.

In a text book Dennis the Menace move, my youngest fulfilled the prophecy.

What prophecy?  The one that says:

"He who has three young boys will eventually have broken windows."

By some miracle, it hit the window directly on the plastic decorative insert.  Preventing it from busting all the way through and into the house and smashing into the back of my guitar.  Thus avoiding the realization of the second prophecy.

"He who damages daddy's electric guitar shall not see his next birthday."

So the interrogation was kicked off.  I found the suspect barricaded in his room behind stuffed animals and pillows; visibly upset.  The 'investigation' revealed that 'we' were trying to throw a rock from the front sidewalk, into a large flower pot on the front porch, some 40 feet away.  Obviously not realizing that the window to my office was going to act as a backboard.

Really.... who'd a thunk anything bad would have come from this?


  1. oh my gosh...had no idea he was throwing such a distance! Good arm Owen!!

  2. Maybe you could look at this as an opportunity to narrow down their "jobs" in life...evidently "baseball player" is up for consideration...maybe if you hone the skills "golfer" would be a good one too!

  3. Kid's got a hell of a throwing arm! At least the guitar's safe.

    Found your blog through some random search that I don't care to remember. I'll be following you!

  4. Thanks! I'm not the most consistent of posters, that's for sure. But I do try to keep the time between posts from getting too long. With 3 boys, there's definitely no lack of material!