Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Master Geek Xmas Lights

I once was that guy.... the one that would have put a 2000W Super Trouper spotlight on top of his house for Christmas.  The one that counted just how many lights he had on the house, because more is always better when it comes to Christmas lights.

Then we had kids ;)  You might think that this would have prompted me to put more lights up.  But with kids being such a time sink, the display only dwindled.  These days I put up enough lights to look decent, the kids like it and are old enough to help.  But it's nothing like the Griswald type display that I'd like to shoot for.

Then some new neighbors moved in a couple of years ago with a Christmas light display that could cause me to lose a bit of my Geek Cred.

This isn't one of those pre-packaged 'dancing' Xmas light sets you can buy here and there.  I'm pretty sure he gets most of his gear here @ Light-O-Rama.  We're talking full on radio transmitted audio with choreographed sequences put together that fit just his setup, for each song of his choosing.  The first year he only put lights on his house.  In the years since, he's extended his lights onto each of his immediate neighbors homes.  You know, if you can't beat em, join em.  And trust me, they can't beat him ;)  There are bigger crazier ones out on the internet... just do a couple of searches on youtube for em.  But this one is in my neighborhood... and trust me, seeing it in person goes a long way towards being even more impressive :)

There's a few clips below.  One's of a cute intro sequence he does, then a couple of the tunes he uses in the rotation.  We walked over to get a better view, not from inside a car.  The audio is as good as it gets for a hand held radio in one hand, and my phone in the other.  There is a bit of excessive panning... trying to show the action on all three houses.

Enjoy ...

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