Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HALO.... the Atari 2600 version

Quick out of character post.... because awesomeness of this magnitude, must be spread.

Picked this up off of Engadget a bit ago...
they got it from Boing Boing a bit before that, and so goes the intraweb ;)

Ed Fries, a former Microsoft VP and currently runs Figure Prints (because playing Warcraft isn't geeky enough), has been spending spare time learning how to code games for the Atari 2600.

Why?!  Because it's frikin' cool!

He's created a playable version of "HALO" written for the Atari 2600, complete with Cartridge, how sweet is that?!  Of course my next question is, where can I download the ROM so that I can play it in Stella or on the Wii 2600 emulator?!

Head to the forum post here to read more about it from the man himself.

Or just jump straight to the flash playable game here.  Happy Pew Pew!

................ Yes, you can shoot, you just have to find the 'gun' first ;)

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  1. Just found a link to a forum post with the 4k, yep 4k, binary for the game... I'm expecting it will work with stella or any other 2600 emulator, since all the current roms are .bin files as well.... no time to check now.