Monday, May 31, 2010

The 'new' Facebook privacy settings...what's it mean this time?!

A year or so ago, the phenomenon of social networking that is Facebook finally made it's way to our door.  Being the geek of the house, it was up to me to determine just what it was all about and educate the people around me to the insidious dangers like 'Farm-ville' that lurk within!

In the beginning it seemed like a fairly easy thing to get a handle on.  Make sure all your privacy settings are ramped up to "double-layer tin foil hat", and you're pretty much set.

Problem is, every few months Facebook seems to find a reason to 'revamp' their privacy framework.  The 'proper' way to setup the new configuration has not always been evident.  Even worse, the 'paranoid' settings that you may have configured into the old system, are not always carried over into the new.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Warcraft Auction House To Go - Because I Need My Addiction On The Run!

The introduction of the Warcraft Armory app for the iPhone was pretty cool, checkout my characters gear, see what upgrades I can work towards.  Even test putting together talent builds and checkout the guild in game calendar.  But really, it mostly amounted to a novelty that grew old after awhile.

Flash forward to now, and Blizzard has put the hook in the app.  This past week an update to the WoW Armory App was pushed out to iTunes, and with it came mobile access to all your auction house needs.  It appears that at the moment it's running as a Beta service on most realms.  If you cannot access your realm's auction house, give it a few days, mine appeared after 4 or 5 days.